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BIHS General Hospital (An Enterprice of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh) Providing COVID-19 RT-PCR Test from the very begining of corona virus outbreak in Bangladesh.

Now we also providing this service to the people who need certificate to go abroad.

BIHS General Hospital is running Covid-19 Care unit with 61 Isolation Bed, 16 ICU and 5 HDU.

24x7 Emergency Hotline:
Telephone: 01783-917151

Contact information:
Telephone: 9010932, 9010952
Fax: 0000 00000 00000(88)

Department of Nutrition and Health Education.

Type of Services:

  • Diet management for all indoor patients including ICU / CCU - Supervision of diet preparation and service of the same in accordance with the clinical and nutritional needs of the individual patients , including monitoring and follow up.
  • Diet advice to OPD patients- DM, NDM, GDM, and patients with other complicants(obeity, underweight, CKD, CLD, Govt etc. )
  • Participation in Quality assurance of all raw materials / consumables / food items. procured for hospital Kitchen for diet preparation. Ensure required hygenic level of diet and kitchen.
  • Lectures (1 hour daily)- councelling about diet and nutrition issues to OPD patients daily as part of routine awareness program.
  • Weekly councelling class for obese patients.

Education camp and workshop :

  • Lecture delivered by head of the department for one educational camp and workshop for young diabetic subjects
  • Attended workshop on 07.07.11 at BIRDEM. Sub: Pre- operative nutritional management in bariatric surgery.
  • Attended workshop on child health education program.
  • Attended workshop on CDIC program.
Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences Hospital